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We’re produce fanatics. For over 50 years we’ve worked day and night, 364 days a year, to deliver British and globally sourced fruit, veg and dairy to dedicated chefs across the country. While our top notch, national and nimble fresh supply chain has helped some of the biggest names on the high street grow to be the awesome success they are today.


We are also the home of Fresh Kitchen and Fresh Prep.

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We’re produce fanatics! For over 50 years we have worked with the very best farmers across the land to source the best quality products, delivered direct to your kitchen 6 days a week.

Our wonderful customers

We have served discerning chefs for over 50 years. Our customers range from well known high street branded restaurants, casual dining, pubs through to healthcare and education. We have built hundreds of great customer partnerships...

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Fresh Kitchen

Fresh Kitchen

Lots of our customers love our Fresh Kitchen. Every day we make batches of sauces, tubs of soup, and cartons of chargrilled vegetables, not to mention lashings of gelato ice cream. And what’s more we do all this to your exact recipe and specification. What are you waiting for? Give us a call.

Fresh Prep

Fresh Prep

Fresh Prep supplies sliced, diced, chopped, peeled, and grated fruit and veg for customers all around the UK. This can reduce prep time, storage space, and labour costs while giving you consistent quality products for your menu.

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We are committed to caring for people, sourcing products responsibly, and respecting the planet.

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