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M&J Fresh Seafood

We are fishmongers. It’s what we do. It’s what we’ve done for 40 years. Working 24 hours a day, six days a week to bring daily local landings and the best of the world’s catch to UK kitchen doors every morning. Responsibly sourced and expertly filleted by our award-winning fishmongers.

Wild Harvest

Wild Harvest’s team of experts’ source and supply the highest-quality seasonal, rare and exquisite ingredients for the finest menus. Their passion for quality products and outstanding service has led them to become one of the most respected fine food suppliers to some of the UK’s top restaurants and famed chefs.

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Fresh Kitchen

At Fresh Kitchen, we can manufacture batches of sauces, tubs of soup, pots of stews, cartons of chargrilled vegetables and 5-litre gelato ice cream. We work to produce the very finest products to your exact recipe and specification.

Fresh Prep

Fresh Prep supplies sliced, diced, chopped, peeled, and grated fruit and veg for customers all around the UK. This can reduce prep time, storage space, and labour costs while giving you consistent quality products for your menu.

Fresh Prep