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Crop Report

Wednesday 17th July - Wednesday 24th July

Get the insights you need to plan more effectively and manage your menus with our latest report from the field, brought to you by our expert produce team.

Crop Field 2


16.7.24 Berries

Over the past couple of weeks, we have seen some very challenging growing conditions, with the BBC Reporting much higher than normal rainfall and lower than average temperatures. The cold nights and low light levels are impacting the availability of berries, particularly raspberries and strawberries.


The result of the inclement weather is that, with strawberries, there is a good amount of fruit, but it is not colouring up or maturing quickly enough to satisfy demand. However, there is some positive news in that, if the weather continues to improve, we are likely to see some good availability in a couple of weeks’ time, once the crop catches up.


Unfortunately, we do not expect the same positive outcome for raspberries, which are likely to remain very challenging for the rest of the season. Many of the raspberries on the plants will not mature, leading to supply issues through the season. 


As a result, we are currently working with suppliers to try to significantly bring forward the import period. In the meantime, it is 
likely that the next couple of weeks will be very challenging.



Supplies of avocados remain very short across the world, particularly for large fruit. 


We have concessions in place to try to protect market supply, which has been adversely affected by El Nino over the growing period, impacting harvests of large fruit in both Peru and Columbia. 


There will be challenges across the summer months before we move to Chilean supply in September, after which we hope to see an improvement.



The potato market remains challenging, with low stocks and poor availability. 


We are expecting the main new season to be more towards September than August and yields currently look to be on the low side. However, overall, we are expecting the harvest to be better than this year.


Despite the improvement, there will be very limited carry over stock, which will mean that we are likely to see problems continue 
into next season.

Cavolo Nero

33581 Cavolo Nero

The slow growth and lower yield of the Cavolo Nero crop is causing some ongoing issues, as there is not sufficient crop to cover the gap between the fields. Because this is a product that is not widely grown, there are limited options to identify additional produce.


However, with improvements in the weather, we hope to see more crops harvested in the next week or so.


16.7.24 Cabbage

We are starting to see the arrival of the first new season white cabbage. As these are early crop, the white cabbage has more of a green colouring. This is perfectly natural for the new harvest.   


New season red cabbage will arrive at the end of August, with produce coming from Spain until then.

Washed Roquette

Roquette Wild

Supply is returning to normal following the recent challenges we saw on crops from Italy, with some large fluctuations in night and day temperatures across southern Italy adversely impacting the crop’s growth.


However, there has been a knock-on effect on washed product, where the first cut of the new crop has not been able to withstand the washing process. This should be a short-term problem with the second cut already on the way, which we anticipate will solve 
the problem.


Asparagus British 2

The ongoing strike by Senasa (the DEFRA equivalent in Peru) remains a concern. 


Our growers have reported that Peru is currently prioritising phytosanitary certificates for local exports, which has the potential to cause some issues, although we do not have any current supply problems.

Granny Smith apples

Granny Smith Apples

We are still facing some market-wide issues with availability of Granny Smith’s apples, which have been impacted by an early finish to the Northern Hemisphere season, which has been compounded by low volumes from South Africa and other Southern Hemisphere growing regions.


While we are not anticipating any major issues with supply, it will remain challenging until the new Northern Hemisphere season begins 
in September.

Tenderstem® broccoli

Tenderstem Brocolli

Following a challenging few months, which saw weather-related problems in both Africa and the EU, we are not expecting any further issues with Tenderstem® broccoli and supply has returned to normal.