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One thing hasn’t changed since we started trading in 1966 and that’s our passion for great quality fresh produce. What has changed dramatically is the choice we can offer our customers. It’s now well over 1,300 different products!

Fruit & Veg
Dairy Produce

Dairy produce

We are proud to partner with some of the biggest and best dairy producers in Britain and Europe. These close links give us access to a colossal range of products. If there is something quirky you’re after, just ask and we’ll see how we can help.

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The home of food innovation, menu development and product creation for you and your customers. Life gets a whole lot more interesting when you discover Fresh Kitchen.

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Fresh Prep

The home of wash it, chop it, peel it and dice it. Life in your kitchen gets a whole lot easier for everyone, not to mention much more efficient, by taking advantage of Fresh Prep.

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What's In Season

Broccoli Head (Stock)


Broccoli is a nutritional powerhouse and one not to be overlooked. Rich in vitamins C and K, fibre and calcium, as well as extremely versatile for use in a wide variety of dishes.


Our British season begins in May and runs through till October.


Roast and serve with lemon and toasted almonds, go classic with soup, or carry Asian flavours perfectly in a stir-fry.

Vine Tomatoes (Stock)


You cannot beat the flavour of a fresh, locally grown tomato.


They are packed full of vitamins and minerals and help to maintain a strong immune system, as well as looking after your skin and bones.


Our British tomatoes are in season now and will run with good availability until September, except for Cherry which swaps to overseas supply in August.

Spring Onions In Field (Stock)

Spring Onions

Our British season started in late March and runs through till early September, where supply then changes to Mexico and Egypt.


Cooked or raw, spring onions add another dimension to a dish and can finish a plate perfectly. Finely chop and mix through sandwich fillings, sprinkle over noodles, or chargrill with fish.

Asparagus (Stock)


The ideal weather conditions and excellent soil health in the Wye Valley contribute to the high-quality asparagus grown in the region and some of the most flavourful produce in the UK.


Our UK season is short and snappy and runs from April till June.


Packed full of essential vitamins and fibre, asparagus is the perfect seasonal superfood to add to your menus.

Outdoor Rhubarb (Stock)


British field grown rhubarb season is in swing, swapping from forced rhubarb in late April and lasting throughout the summer with good availability until early September.


Stalks can vary in colour from green to bright pink and vary in sweetness, but all should be crisp when snapped.


Pairs perfectly stewed with custard or as a sauce with duck.

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Thirty years ago, the British strawberry season typically lasted about six weeks, but now the Berry season can last up to 42 weeks.


The first of our UK grown strawberries are picked early May and harvested throughout the summer, adding colour and vibrancy to your seasonal menus.


We love them pickled, added to salads, dipped in chocolate, or simply eaten with clotted cream.

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