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We are committed to support our British suppliers and we buy British whenever possible.

Spring Procurement Update

A spring update from our Procurement Director, Richard Walker. 


Agrosol Export, established in 2008, is a produce company rooted in Almería. With a rich history dating back to the 1950s, the company story began by a young boy who relocated from La Rábita to Roquetas de Mar (Almería). They thrive on the collective efforts of numerous families dedicated to cultivating top-tier fruits and vegetables.


Agrosol is a sustainability-focused company that prioritises natural pollination and follows the 3 R's rule for waste management. They strive for "Zero Waste" by implementing waste reduction, water and waste reuse, and recycling damaged plastics. Moreover, they have established two thermal energy and CO2 supply plants, resulting in significant energy savings across 30 hectares of land. Agrosol also practices organic agriculture, incorporating natural pollination and integrated biological control in all crops. They offer organic production on certified land, adhering to the principles of Health, Ecology, Equity, and Precaution.


Barfoots has operated as a family-owned business since it began in 1976 and have supplied Fresh Direct with Green Beans, Tenderstem Broccoli, Sweetcorn and Chillies since 2021. As growers, they believe in improving their impact on the world while producing delicious nutritious vegetables and put sustainability at the core of their business. Barfoots founder, Peter Barfoot, has a CBE for Services to Sustainable Farming, highlighting their expertise in sustainable agriculture and a desire to 'do better'. Recent technology that extends the shelf life of their FreshLock sweetcorn which in turn reduces waste is one of multiple successful initiatives they operate.

Bollo Natural Fruit

Bollo Natural Fruit, a third-generation family company, have been growing citrus fruit for over 50 years. Located in Murcia, southern Spain, the climate is perfect for top-quality lemon growth up to 9 months of the year. 


Specialising in organic and sustainable farming practices, Bollo Natural Fruit's aim is to achieve net zero by 2030 and become climate positive by 2050. To reduce carbon emissions, they are improving refrigeration systems and fruit handling lines, investing in renewable energy projects, and implementing a sustainable mobility strategy for more efficient transportation.


Product is packed in a state-of-the-art pack house, using some of the best technology available to provide consistent, fresh lemons with the assurance and quality control Fresh Direct customers expect.

Bryan's Salads

Founded in 1959, they are now led by the fifth generation of the family. Based in Lancashire, they produce leaf salads. From planting to harvesting it takes approximately 6-12 weeks.

Bananas Bananas


Fresh Direct’s partnership supplier for bananas. They are a leading global company, committed to sustainable farming and biodiversity. They supply us with the highest quality produce possible while respecting and protecting the environment.

De Groot

De Groot

William de Groot started trading in the early 1930’s. The UK base was established in 2007 in Kent. They supply Fresh Direct with apples. They are a leading player in the fresh produce industry, with four climate-controlled locations totalling 40,000 square meters.

Ditchells Farm

Ditchells Farm, nestled in the heart of Biddenden, Kent, specialises in the cultivation of premium apples and has been farming fruit since 1924. With its rich agricultural heritage and commitment to quality, Ditchells Farm is a key player in the Kentish apple industry, offering a wide variety of apples, from traditional classics like Cox to modern favourites like Gala and Braeburn, all harvested with care and precision during the autumn season. The farm's dedication to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices ensures that every apple not only tastes delicious but also carries with it a sense of stewardship for the beautiful Kent countryside.

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Strawberries Strawberries


Driscoll's supply Fresh Direct’s customers with the very best high-quality berries, cherries, and plums. Founded 50 years, Driscoll's are a co-operative of British berry growers, and the UK’s largest supplier of the nation’s berries and cherries, supplying fruit to all major UK retailers, food service and convenience outlets in the UK. Driscoll's, as a co-operative, champion sustainable farming and make it their mission to ensure consumers can enjoy high-quality berries 365 days a year.

E Park & Sons

Established in 1924, E Park & Sons is one of the UK’s few remaining family-owned potato businesses. They are based in Macclesfield & Doncaster and their potatoes are grown by local farmers.

E Park
Hammond Produce

Hammond Produce

The Hammond family have been farming in the UK since 1900. They produce over 50,000 tonnes of fresh vegetables each year. They supply us with a range of delicious root vegetables as well as leeks, rhubarb, savoy & green cabbage, spring greens and kales.

Isle of Wight Tomatoes

Formerly ‘The Tomato Stall’, founded in 2007, Isle of Wight Tomatoes are renowned for their excellent flavour and innovation, grown on the island with the most hours of sunshine in the UK.

Len Wrights

Len began growing salads in the mid 1960’s on just 2 acres of land at Tarleton Moss in the heart of England’s salad garden. In 1990 he started growing tomatoes and now produces some 2.8 million kilos of speciality fruit each year under 31 acres of glass.

Livesey Brothers

Livesey Brothers is a Leicestershire-based family-run mushroom farm that offers 100% British produce to major organisations across the UK, including us! They have grown significantly over the years and specialise in growing exotic mushrooms not commonly found in the UK, making them a very special and unique supplier.

Boots Boots

M Leggate & Sons

Established in the 1940’s, M Leggate & Sons are a highly respected family business who have been supplying Fresh Direct with broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kale and cavolo nero for over 5 years.


Naylors, based in Spalding, began trading in 1909. They supply Fresh Direct with red, white, green, savoy and pinkstar cabbage. In the early 1970’s when coleslaw was introduced into Britain from the US, they started to grow coleslaw cabbage, a product they are still renowned for today.

PC Thorolds

PC Thorolds

Established in the 1940’s and based in Lincolnshire, PC Thorolds grow broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and brussel sprouts. The family business now has over 3,000 acres to grow their products.

Peloton Produce

Based in Lincolnshire, and having only formed in 2020, Peloton has already gained a formidable reputation for producing some of the finest crops in the country. The great mix of nutrients in the soil allows Peloton to maximise the use of the land, producing a fantastic range of brassicas for Fresh Direct.


Sustainability also plays an important role at Peloton, with many initiatives underway. One being their use of growing early crop under polythene, ensuring that it is made so that it can be reused for several years, until it’s finally recycled and reused.

Red Star Growers

Red Star Growers

Established in 1900, family-owned Red Star Growers covers 1500 acres of the Worcestershire countryside. Situated in the Vale of Evesham, Red Star have 300 acres dedicated to growing Asparagus.  Red Star also operate sites in Nottinghamshire and Shropshire.


The Stewart family have farmed at Tofthill, in Perth since 1930 and are the largest grower of swede in the UK. They have 50 sites in the UK, with the capacity to harvest 1200 tonnes of swede a day.

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Westfalia Fruit are a trusted supplier of avocados to Fresh Direct. Westfalia take pride in growing, sourcing, ripening, packing and processing quality avocados throughout the year and across the globe following the seasons from Africa to South America, making them recognised avocado experts. 

Westlands 1


With over 80 years of experience, Westlands produce speciality tomatoes, leaves, edible flowers, micro leaf, tender leaf and samphire. They are based in Evesham.