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Isle of Wight Tomatoes

Location: Isle of Wight

Produce (Apr – Oct): Tomatoes, Aubergines, Padron Peppers

Where it began
Formerly ‘The Tomato Stall’, founded in 2007, Isle of Wight Tomatoes are renowned for their excellent flavour and innovation, grown on the island with the most hours of sunshine in the UK.

“Zero waste, maximum taste.” Fruit is fully developed on-the-vine providing maximum ripeness, higher sugar content and fuller flavour. As key tomato supplier, Isle of Wight Tomatoes work alongside seed companies globally to create and trial over 200 new varieties to seek the best varieties for the future.

Isle of Wight Tomatoes encourage native bumble bees to pollinate 40 varieties of tomato across 27 hectares of glass houses, using a closed loop biodegradable system. This means all crop waste is recycled to enrich the organic soil.
Rainwater is stored and used in the growing process with excess heat and CO2 from local power generators used to heat glasshouses and reduce emissions.