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Westfalia Fruit is a trusted supplier of avocados, one of the world's largest berries. Being within a vibrant industry, they recognise the increasing popularity of the avocado due to its health benefits and suitability for vegan and plant-based diets. They are also proud to be the world's largest privately funded research institute for subtropical fruits, particularly avocados. 


Westfalia is committed to supporting the communities in which they operate. For example, they work with smallholder farmers worldwide to help them access global markets and promote sustainable business practices. They also have a Community Development Department that supports various initiatives, such as skills and educational programs, feeding projects, and childcare facilities.


Westfalia's growers, like its orchards located in Pulitz Valley, South Africa, have been cultivating avocados for over 80 years, ensuring the highest quality fruit, providing the perfect climate for avocado growth, yielding an impressive 13 to 15 tones of fruit annually.


Their orchard development spans 15 hectares and was established in 2015, specialising in the harvest of Hass avocados from May to August. Westfalia conducts extensive research to produce disease-tolerant plant material and strives to create uniform trees with optimal health and yields.


Westfalia takes pride in their meticulous process of hand-picking avocados, ensuring they are perfectly ripe and packed to deliver an amazing experience for customers. With their creamy texture, nutty flavour, and diverse range, Fresh Direct is honoured to have Westfalia as a trusted supplier of avocados